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How Does Our API Help You?

Tigloo knows that as an affiliate, you must juggle multiple technical services or systems so that they come together like a puzzle, communicating seamlessly on one network. Let's face it, trying to bring it all together is stressful and time-consuming. In most cases, the time you spend only ends up hurting your performance, production, and wallet.

Tigloo understands your concerns and has a solution for your frustration. For this, Tigloo designed an API that is reliable, efficient, and a master of integration. Our API is here to make you look good and your business run well.


 Who Benefits From Tigloo's API?

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Affiliate Networks

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Their partners & users

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Multi-Task with One Amazing API

Since the online marketing world is demanding and ever-changing, to succeed, you must be adaptable, versatile, and effective. Luckily Tigloo’s API has more than that under its hood. It’s like a ‘swiss army knife’ for survival in the online marketing realm. A single tool that links them all no matter the platform, the brokers, the code, or what you throw at it.

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Simply & Enhance your Workflow

The magic behind our API is the control it provides you with automated workflows, detailed reporting, managing any campaign, distributing ideal relevant traffic, all this, and more so that you deliver at peak performance.

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Transparency & Security while Networking

Two of the pivotal tools and API can have aside from communication abilities, are its transparency and security when connecting with numerous networks. By harnessing these elements, you get complete control for custom interfaces or integrations

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